The Rest; Stuart Johnson.


'The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side'. Hunter S. Thompson.

Over the last forty years, Stuart has advised and assisted many organisations and individuals on a wide range of music-related matters, much of which is outlined on the home page . This work falls broadly into four categories:

  • Professional Development.
  • Production.
  • Funding.
  • Policy.

Contact for details of current projects and availability.


When he's not otherwise occupied, and sometimes when he should be, Stuart climbs mountains, cycles a bit, and builds things with wood.

Broad_Stand_220306.jpg (187828 bytes)Stu__Rannoch_Wall.JPG (266350 bytes)

             Mickledore/Broad Stand, March 2006.                        Buchaille Etive Mor, June 2005.   

Sgurr Alasdair Summit 170904 S2.JPG (262572 bytes)Ladhar Bheinn 3.jpg (36569 bytes)  

Sgurr Alasdair, Sept 2004.                                 Ladhar Bheinn, July 2003.   

Tower Gap, Ben Nevis NE Face, June 2006.

As above: At the foot of the Chimney Pitch, Tower Ridge

Perfect Day: Glencoe, June 2005.

Steeple, September 2005. Pillar in the mist.

Cross Fell, January 2006.

Summit, Scafell Pike, March 2006.

The Lost Valley, Glencoe, July 2007.

Dow Crag, April 2008.

Bosigran, Cornwall. May 2008.

Basteir Tooth, Skye, July 2009. Could that be Alfred Hitchcock on the right?


Billsmoor, Northumberland, June 2010. On the way to completing the 104-mile-in-a-day Cyclone Challenge.


Arran, September 2010.


Another perfect day; Hallival, Rum, July 2011.

Cote du Granit Rose, September 2011.

Mont Blanc from Mont Joux, January 2012.

Cycling round Scotland, June 2012.

Japanese garden. Portland, Oregon, September 2012.

St. Sunday Crag, Lake District, March 2013.


New Vitruvian Man? Coire MhicFhearchair, Torridon, July 2013.

Approaching the summit of Liathach, Torridon, on the hottest day I've ever known in nearly 50 years walking the Scottish hills, July 2013. Beinn Eighe in the background.

Forcan Ridge, Glen Shiel, June 2014.

Tarmachan Ridge, Breadalbane, September 2017.

Taken by my dear friend Emeritus Professor Dave Wastell - the same bloke who took the two pics below well over 40 years ago, and indeed many of the others on this page. Cheers, Dave; long may the japes continue!

 And from long ago........   

Le_Taillon__Vignemale_August_1973.jpg (179607 bytes)

Le  Taillon, Pyrenees, August 1973.      

Sgurr_Dubh_na_Da_Bheinn_Sept_1973.jpg (111921 bytes)  

                                                                                                           Sgurr Dubh na Da Bheinn, Sept 1973.          

  L to R in background: Sgurr Alasdair, Sgurr Thearlaich, Sgurr MhicCoinnich. An Stac in the distant mist.

Summit, Store Vengetind, Norway, Sept 1974, complete with Edmund Hillary's shirt, trousers and sunglasses

Romsdalshorn, Norway, September 1974. Climbed it the next day :)

Listening to the Tetons, Wyoming, August 1995.

Cycling Miscellany

 See here for the unexpurgated version.

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