33 years, mostly in and occasionally out of the wilderness.

Photography; Barbara Neville, March 2012.


Formed in 1982 in the North-East of England, and from the early 21st century pursuing its low-key campaign for world domination from a base in the North-West, Chameleon specialised in a brand of feel-good groove-orientated jazz-funk for which it established a loyal following and a solid reputation in the UK and abroad. Throughout  thirty-three years playing this music with energy, passion and respect, mixing inventive arrangements of the work of the masters with original material from current and past members, the band combined disciplined musicianship with a sense of fun, playing  whenever and wherever the opportunity arose.  In February 2015 the decision was taken to wind up the band as a regular working unit, although we hope it will re-emerge from time to time in response to special requests and commissions. Thanks to everyone who has supported us in so many ways over so many years. Without all of you none of it would have happened, and there'd be a lot fewer happy memories out there.

Chameleon 2014: Gary Boyle, Guitars; Tim Franks, Drums; Avril Greenhow Parker, Keyboards; Stuart Johnson, Saxophones; Dave Turner, Basses.    

And here they are, in that order............


And here they were, with Mark Townson, guitar, 2008.


Photography; Peter Holgate.

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Background image;Jonathan Pearson



The Pictorial History.

Chameleon 1982.jpg (77852 bytes)

1982: Stuart Johnson, Don Richardson, Pete Papprill, John Rhodes.

Photography: Terry Lowe.

Chameleon 1983.jpg (8359 bytes)

1983: John Rhodes, Keith Rae, Barry Dickinson, Steve Pinnell, Stuart Johnson.

1984.jpg (4606 bytes)

1985: Paul Robinson, Paul Smith, Keith Peberdy, Paul Brown, Race Newton, Stuart Johnson.

Dinosaur_session.jpg (5108 bytes)

1986: Paul Robinson, Stuart Johnson, Race Newton.

Photography; Terry Lowe.


1987: Bob Malinowski,Race Newton, Andy Watson,Paul Robinson, Stuart Johnson, Adrian Rea.

Photography; John Jeakins.

Umea_89.jpg (23841 bytes)


1989: (Three images, above & below): Phil Laughlin, Stuart Johnson, Adrian Rea, Andy Watson, Race Newton.

Photography; Alistair Smith.

Causeway 2 89.jpg (138860 bytes)

'Worth seeing, but not worth going to see'.  Samuel Johnson was, of course, referring to The Giants' Causeway.............

1991sharpBW.jpg (17282 bytes)

1991: Paul Brown, Aidan Lawrence, Race Newton, Stuart Johnson, Adrian Rea.

Photography; Mark Williams.

Chameleon 1996.jpg (10038 bytes)

1996: Paul Smith, Stuart Johnson, Race Newton.

Photography; Matthew Simpson.

Trio May 2005.jpg (335301 bytes)

2005: Stuart Johnson, Avril Greenhow Parker, Neil Harland.

2006: Avril Greenhow Parker, Tim Franks, Pete Martin, Stuart Johnson, Dave Turner, Mark Townson.

Photography; Geoff Amos.




2012: (x3) Dave Turner, Gary Boyle, Tim Franks, Stuart Johnson, Avril Greenhow Parker.


June 2013: 'Jazz by Moonlight' Festival. Heath Hall, Wakefield.

Photography; Barbara Neville, David Clark.


How to market your gig to the local community!  With thanks to David Gosling, tireless promoter par excellence.

Thanks to all of the players who have been a regular part of Chameleon at various times in the last three-and-a-half decades. This list doesn't include deps and special guests, who must number at least as many again. 

Bass: Dave Papprill; Don Richardson; Pete Ayton; Paul Scott; Keith Peberdy; Keith Rae; Bob Malinowski; Pete Stuart; Aidan Lawrence; Phil Laughlin; Neil Harland; Jon Thorne; Joel Allison, Dave Turner. Drums: Craig Ellis; Grzesiu Garnys; Steve Pinnell; Paul Thompson; Adrian Rea; Paul Smith; Adrian Tilbrook; Tim Franks. Keyboards: Ray Johns; Barry Dickinson; Paul Flush; Bob Peacock; Race Newton; Avril Greenhow Parker. Guitar: John Rhodes; Paul Brown; Andy Watson; Dave Dryden; Brian Dales; Mark Townson; Gary Boyle. Trumpet: Pete Papprill, Pete Martin, Kevin Eland. Saxophone: Stuart Johnson, Jack Laing. Vocals: Brian Dales. Violin: Paul Robinson.


There'll always be a pub gig somewhere........

.........and if the going gets really tough.........

..........we can emigrate.


So we've been led to believe.............